Crash – Richard Anderson

Some types of concept art are really easy to find when you’re looking for inspiration. Spaceships in space. Hot ladies in space. Space in space. Hot ladies in spaceships in space. It can get a bit repetitive.

So, when I got jumping around the internet for inspiration it’s always fun to come across something that imagines our standard tropes and puts them into the middle of a situation. What happened? Is the figure in control? Did they crash the ship in purpose? Search the wreckage? Is that stick for self defense or part of his tent? Who knows! That’s what’s so great.

The other thing I love is the less detailed, more impressionistic style. So much sci fi art strains for photorealism that the play of imagination is left to languish. In writing, that’s the space I feel a good space opera inhabits – fuzzier on the details, and heavy on the hinting.

And, of course, the rest of his stuff is downright amazing too.

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