Riveting Biography

Raised off-grid in Alaska, where long winter nights were spent reading by kerosene lamp, he spent as much time in imaginary worlds as the real one. Weaned on Tolkien, Russian fairy tales and Laura Ingalls Wilder, he and his brother started scribbling adventures for a periodical newspaper to keep friends informed of life in the woods. The introduction of solar power and a Macbook changed everything – his writing, and his career. He now works as an Apple Consultant and web developer. He lives in Alaska with his fabulous wife, spending part of the winter being vagabonds elsewhere on the planet.

Thanks to an incredible co-author, AdriAnne Strickland and their inimitable agent Kirsten Carleton their book, Shadow Run, has been published by the talented Kate Sullivan at Delacorte. The sequel, Shadow Call, is due out in spring of 2018!