Sate your sequel thirst with a Shadow Call YA Interrobang exclusive excerpt!

If you’re in Alaska, you might be feeling the distant melancholy of a half remembered half summer1. Autumn is here, our summer was barely ever there, and what is the point, I mean, really? The Dark is Rising, Winter is Coming.

But! That’s actually a blessing––in the summer months, reading when it’s blatantly sunny outside leads to existential exercise guilt, since you should be out and about enjoying those brief days of glory. In the winter, you can read every cozy, dark, long, interminable night, your book the only flickering candle of hope against the suffocating crush of the lightless cold.

Sorry, where was I?

OH yes! The fun reading months are coming! And to kick off that happy state of affairs, here’s an excerpt to our second book, the sequel to that 2017 smash hit2 Shadow Run, that up and coming new novel you are feeling the strong urge to pre-order.

It’s exciting to get this out into the world, because one of the reactions we’ve had to Shadow Run was a desire to see more of Solara. All we could do is smile and nod, since that was already in the works – and now you get to see her in the prologue, right along with a first chapter.

So read it! Let us know what you think! And enjoy!

EXCLUSIVE: Read the first chapter of Shadow Call, the sequel to Shadow Run!


  1. If you are not in Alaska, you are feeling melancholy that you are not in Alaska
  2. I used it to attack a mosquito

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