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I’m really bad at keep people in my personal life up-to-date, and it’s become terribly apparent that I’m equally terrible at keeping anyone else up-to-date. But since Shadow Run is coming out March 21st, things are shifting into high promotion gear around here. I’m going to attempt hitting all the highlights of the coming months in a riveting manner, and you’re going to tell me how I do.

Release Date: Shadow Run is a book, and it’s coming out March 21st! That’s right, the book that AdriAnne Strickland and I co-wrote, a space opera of epic proportions, awash with adventure, romance, and swashbuckling will finally be out in the world. If you want even more details, you can read a heartier description here.

Pre-order campaign: Having followed the above link and learned much, you are doubtless feeling fraught with impatience, wondering how you could ever last until March 21st. Good news! Not only can you pre-order the book now, but by doing so you will receiving really cool gifts! Signed art, a pin, and a contained piece of Shadow, the mysterious energy source in Shadow Run. Shadow poisoning is likely if you come in contact with it, so you know you want it. Pre order here!

Book signing and launch party! Thanks to Fireside Books, the most magical book store of all time, and its daring proprietor, David Cheezem, we’re going to be at Fireside books on March 21st, 4pm, signing, and, of course, selling books. Primarily signing, I’m sure, since everyone will have already pre-ordered from Fireside by that point. Right? Right?

Dinner! There will be a dinner at Turkey Red after the above signing, at 6pm. This is a ticketed dinner, since food isn’t free, but it is delicious, and should you have a Q and want an A, there will be a session for just such things.

But wait, there’s more! Should you not be living in our area, or unable to plan an impromptu trip to Alaska, AdriAnne and I will be having more signings and attending conventions elsewhere. Details to follow! If you’d like to stay up to date, follow on twitter, facebook, or this here randomly updated blog.

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