Alive Inside

In writing a space opera like Shadow Run, AdriAnne and I spent a great deal of time discussing what made the most enjoyable space operas tick. How do you keep people from getting overwhelmed and distant from the galaxy-spanning drama spectacle you’re spinning?

The answer, of course, lies in the characters you put into the middle of that spectacle, and just how real you manage to make their tiny, internal lives matter in that setting and to the reader.

I say tiny, but the twist is that what’s inside of us is so much larger than any galaxy or any space opera. We are worlds within worlds, and in writing the book I spent some time researching how humans tick, what brings us alive.

It was that research that made me stumble onto this incredible movie. Alive Inside chronicles the impact of music on people, and especially people with dementia – people society has all too often written off.

Well, don’t be writing people off! The trailer alone should make your day.

One thought on “Alive Inside

  1. As one who is facing “seniority” as a reality rather than a theory, the theme of this movie touches me deeply. And the simple truth is I often listen to music now just because it brings me back, reminds me of who I was and how I got to where I am now. It’s a strange feeling. I’ll watch this movie with an eye on both the past and a way forward. Thank you for calling attention to it, Michael.

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